There is a fairytale in everyone's heart, even if your youth has passed away. You can still take your baby, roaming the big stone fairy tale town. Deep in bashan, fairy tale paradise flowers in pinellia, there is always a flower, not for the fragrance, just waiting for the fate of you.

Located in banmiao town, pingchang county, the scenic spot of dashi fairy tale town is 17 kilometers away from the county seat and covers an area of 4.25 square kilometers.

Wolffy fairytale world


Grey Wolf fairy tale world in rural culture base and a fairy tale, children's amusement for the product for the theme, covers an area of 150 mu, exterior hand-drawn cartoon decoration, with slide, maze, water recreation, such as more than 20 kinds of amus

Ben bear windmill


The big windmill of benben bear originated from the ancient Dutch countryside. It is 18.6 meters high and 12.6 meters long. The huge base is like the trunk of the "benben bear" in the fairy tale world. Rotating, extending and bending the windmil

Mickey Mouse meadow


Mickey Mouse grass slide relying on natural hills and slopes, the investment of 14 million yuan to build the northeast sichuan first grass slide sports center. Covering an area of more than 30 mu, the company carries out grass sports projects such as four

Dashi lake


Dashi lake is located in the core of the scenic area. The fairy tale town is built along the lake, the children's amusement park is built around the lake, and the wooden corridor runs around the lake. Sunny day, the lake wave flat, green as jade, reflecti

Hua guo shan crisp li yuan


Covering an area of more than 2,000 mu, the total investment of 12 million yuan. According to the development idea of "integration of landscape and garden", the park supports 6.4 km of riding and sightseeing trails and 2 km of sightseeing trails

Dashi fairy tale town is located in dashi village, banmiao town, pingchang county, located in the southeast edge of pingchang county, there are three main roads, 28 kilometers to the county seat by banhong road, only 13 kilometers to the county seat by s101 line banshuang road, only 8 kilometers from the badah highway qingfeng exit, the traffic is very convenient...

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