Ecological landscape scenic area integrated rural, lakes, etc, the traditional dwellings landscape renovation, to create the first European in northeast sichuan new village, built in sichuan first "fairy tale world" open-air museum park, form a complete set of building industrial park, strawberry and plum characteristics formed in rural culture as the base, fairy tale as the main line, supported by studies product "country fairy tale world".

  • Wolffy fairytale world
    Grey Wolf fairy tale world in rural culture base and a fairy tale, children's amusement for the product for the theme, covers an area of 150 mu, exterior hand-drawn cartoon decoration, with slide, maze, water recreation, such as more than 20 kinds of amus
  • Ben bear windmill
    The big windmill of benben bear originated from the ancient Dutch countryside. It is 18.6 meters high and 12.6 meters long. The huge base is like the trunk of the "benben bear" in the fairy tale world. Rotating, extending and bending the windmil
  • Mickey Mouse meadow
    Mickey Mouse grass slide relying on natural hills and slopes, the investment of 14 million yuan to build the northeast sichuan first grass slide sports center. Covering an area of more than 30 mu, the company carries out grass sports projects such as four
  • Dashi lake
    Dashi lake is located in the core of the scenic area. The fairy tale town is built along the lake, the children's amusement park is built around the lake, and the wooden corridor runs around the lake. Sunny day, the lake wave flat, green as jade, reflecti
  • Hua guo shan crisp li yuan
    Covering an area of more than 2,000 mu, the total investment of 12 million yuan. According to the development idea of "integration of landscape and garden", the park supports 6.4 km of riding and sightseeing trails and 2 km of sightseeing trails
  • Open sesame
    The "school of witchcraft and wizardry" in the magic novel harry potter is sampled, with a height of 16.5 meters and a width of 4.25 meters. The castle on the top of the door has a French style street in front of it and a Wolffy fairy tale world
  • Faery plant maze
    It covers an area of 1200 square meters. The winding footpath is 1000 meters long. It is a collection of fun and interesting projects such as maze, indiana Jones, chase and battle.
  • European settlement
    Based on the concept of leisure, health and recreation, basking in the traditional sanheyuan bashan folk house, it integrates the European architectural style, integrates the Chinese and western construction, and integrates the cultural environment and na
  • Dashi taste
    More than 2000 square meters of catering center scale. Rich dishes, the production of monthly do not repeat; Unique flavor, pay attention to color collocation and dishes between each other, balanced nutrition; Service first, is the rural tourism catering
  • foreign country
    With a total area of more than 2000 square meters, it is a multi-functional hotel integrating catering, accommodation and large-scale reception. It can provide diversified services such as accommodation, entertainment, tea tasting, fishing and conference
  • The transformers
    Science fiction character, a metal life form on cybertron in the vast universe -- the embodiment of justice and power, is the favorite of boys and an indispensable color in the childhood world. Big stone fairy tale town cast three deformed steel, divided
  • Swan lake
    Swan lake surrounded by green mountains, green spring gurgling from the pool, the lake is clear; Lake shore twists and turns graceful, meandering stretch, do not have verve. Colorful ornamental fish play in the water, waterfowl singing in the lake, legend
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